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We all want to be happy, but nothing in this world is free. I mean you have to give something in return. If you want happiness you have to stop repeating unhealthy habits. We want happiness, but but by doing nothing, we keep happiness apart. We want happiness very badly we keep on desiring, yet we keep repeating the…. Same unhealthy habits over and over again. I search on the internet so I found some steps which I mentioned here.
 One of the effective way to obtain happiness is by eliminating things that have not been not useful and  serving us anymore.
Follow these points I hope you will get your mind clear and feel light and happy.
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Be grateful what you have to have and respect it instead you keep on shouting I don’t have this, this and this OMG what’s gonna happen. My life is totally worthless. So stop doing this. Be appreciative and calm on what you have
 Be grateful for what you already have Instead,  Stop complaining and shouting about what you don’t have.

2. Stop being… a jerk to people you love and make them realize your important Instead, . open up and keep it simple what’s bothering you deep inside show it
If you have any problem don’t compress it in your heart. I’m sure you heard an old saying.’ little drop of water make a mighty ocean’ so a time will come your heart will burst out of those problems. Instead, this you have to share any problem you are facing with your partner, but with some humor and smile. I’m sure your partner will take it easy.

3. Open your eyes and see your strengths and let them shine. Instead, Stop comparing yourself to others,like your mobile phone :P because you’ll never gonna feel good though.Every person has its own capabilities and everyone is good in something.but you have to be positive and don’t compare yourself with others.i do this a lot and I feel like I’m super human and I can do anything but seriously that is good to be ideal but this thniking is wrong that”if  he can do this why I cant”.if one got 46 marks out of 50, you don’t have to be pressurize if you got 35 marks out of 50.dont indulge these types of activites.i’m sure in someway he has done little more effort than yours so he got marks according to his time you have to do little more effort to reach that point.

4. Accept your imperfections if you do some mess and acknowledge theirs as well. Instead, 
 Stop pushing people away with your criticism.  Don’t criticize someone because of your ego. It is a very bad thing. we have to accept other people opinions as well and think about it.not be like “o what you sad hahhahah” that is wrong. if you don’t give path to others how you supposed to get a path by others.

5. forgive yourself because it makes you feel light and those who caused you pain and move on Instead,. Stop living in your past. 
Don’t just stick with your problems you faced in past.the greatness of bad time is it passes away by passes away because you suppose to move on.learn from your mistakes.dont just stick with”what now ,what now”.i hope you getting my point.

6. Stop seeking people’s approval,  believe in yourself by remembering your positive points and focus on what makes you happy. Instead,  you don’t need others because you’ll….. always feel that something’s missing. 
Belive in yourself. This is the place where you gonna need that situation you have to prepare yourself in such a way that you can nail anything.but again don’t compare yourself with others.
7. put a plan together… to create the life that you want Instead,. Stop blaming.. others for your unhappiness
Take example of mine.first I feel very anxious with my rooomates.i hate when one keep light on.but later we have to adjust ourself of that write your own mood. you’re the author of your life. 
8. Again Be positive and hope you can do it Stop beating…. yourself up when you make mistakes. Instead use them… as an opportunity to grow.

9. Stop falling into your bad habits they will make you worse. Instead,   create new ones that will help you achieve your goals change is good sometimes.
My bad habbit is, I watch movies too much that’s why I study less but my mind is great and that’s the reason my gpa is not great.but if I left this habbit inshALLAH my gpa will good and I can give more time to my blog.

10. wasting is not good find new passions that will foster you , so.Stop wasting your life on TV ,Facebook etc. 
Like blogging and other stuff which you think you will get benefit.


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