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Feature (Side)

Fulfilling the old saying Necessity is the mother of invention. One have invented a browser which can open all sites, including blocked sites. Block sets are very irritating because it stops one from getting fulfill its need. Like most I get knowledge from YouTube because of plenty of videos on YouTube it is very helpful for students. But it is blocked in my country. Here I will show you an amazing browser through which you can visit any browser without any hurdle. It has built in proxy so no need to install proxy softwares.
It can open any site.
It has all chrome features. You can add all chrome extensions and apps except Adblock.
No need to install proxy softwares and best proxy sites.
Can replace your browsers.

Ads appear on the browser as Adblock can't install in it so you can't block those ads.
May slow on slower network. But works great on my network.

I forget to tell you about the browser. The name of the web browser is webfreer. I gave the download link you can fetch it by clicking this link. You can download by searching on google.