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We can see many examples of science, mostly physics around. If we are going to observe it would like never ending. Unless you have nothing to observe. Lets us take an example of the microwave oven. Its powerful wave cooks the food, but not harm your skin. 

First, we see how a microwave oven cooks the food

The basic part of life is motion so everything that life moves. Without motion there is no life. Here I'm not going to discuss what is a microwaves how they propagate. If you wanna know contact me, I told you about it. Benefits of microwave are that it can absorb by fats, water and sugars. This property of wave helps us to heat food. You know the basic structure wave. When they hit the food the atoms and molecules start to excite and produce heat. Microwaves are not absorbed by glass, plastics and metals. Metals reflect microwaves that's why metal pans don't work great in ovens.

Why microwaves escape through the screen
Have you see a grid on the screen of the microwave oven that's the secret of it. This is made of metal holes pinched on its of very small size. This work as proper shield, it works on the phenomenon of Faraday cage. (A normal metal enclosure which prevents radio frequency and microwaves to enter into it) no rocket science. As I stated above metal reflect microwaves, but by using metal as sheild, you cannot see through it to check your food it is good or not. The wavelength of the waves is much larger than the hole size so they don't let pass theses wave and hit on sheild and boom. The frequency of microwave using in a microwave oven is 2450 MHZ and the size of holes are 1-2 millimeters in diameter. If the wavelength of the wave is small then small size of the holes we have to use. So in this we can protect microwaves from leaks. But leakage factor also depends upon the condition of the oven.

 Certain emission standards for new microwave ovenshas set by the FDA, which is (power density of 5 milliwatts per square centimeter at a distance ...of 5 centimeters from any point on the outer surface of the oven). There are several devices available that can tell you whether microwave are leaking or not. So if you want to take care of your self buy those devices and stay healthy.
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