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Yes, you read right and I wrote right. By the way, check the height of security here I'm going to discuss about the type of mobile phone that can destroy itself if anyone want to change its parts or repair it.

Popular Airplane company (Boeing) has invented a Smartphone which can save the highly classified discussions that held through it.If any stranger pokes, it destroys itself and all the important information destroys with it. According to Boeing they want to help those organizations who want to keep their data in high protection. It is clear from this level of clearance. It is not only an airplane company, but Boeing also plays an important in the security of presidents and other leaders. They provide security equipments.
 The phone is called black phone till now its price is not stated. But this phone is not open for everyone and its release data are also unknown. It takes 36 months to complete its production.
The phone has two slots for SIM so it can handle two Sims at a time. One for business purpose and one for personal use. Who don't know these days.:P. The more amazing thing is that it operates on android. For this phone special version of android is designed. Boeing also introduced its security applications in it. Black phone is complete and tightly packed with strong glue and screws and is covered in tamper proof covering so that it can easily be verified when one try to open it. The phone will destroy when one tries to open it. Option installation of biometric Sencor, solar panels and satellite receiver also available.
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