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In this post I'm mentioning some of the methods which will help you in an emergency situation. Most of the times in the alarming situation we don't know what to do.If didn't find any better solution. But here is the solution of scenes which generally happened. Like during work in the kitchen you got chili in your eyes and you started like AAAAAAAAAAA. I hope this post will make your day and don't forget to comment and share if you like this post.

What should you do if you get a chili pepper in your eye:

In case if you got chili in your eyes, then it will make your life worse for about 15 minutes. But calm down doesn't panic. Don't wash your eyes with water, it'll make your eyes worse. Rub your eyes with MILK. It will reduce the burning sensation and make you relief. You can also use the chemical called  Naphazoline-Antazoline and betamethasone eye drops after washing with water.  You can use liquid antacid, though the milk... is probably closer reach.

What to do if your nose start to bleed:
Some peoples have the problem of nose bleeding. Blood started to flow through the nose. This happens for many reasons. But right now I'm not discussing why this happens, but the method to stop it. Don't panic, keep calm here is the simple technique.
Pinch your nose for about 10 minutes and lean forward. 
Hold it after 10 minutes loose it and check whether bleeding stops or not. If not hold it for another 10 minutes. If still not stopping you have to call your doctor.

  • You can also use a nasal spray to stop bleeding. Keeps your head cool with some wet cloth, ice or wet sponge. And keep yourself in a cool room.
  • Relax your body by sitting down.
Things not to do:
Don't lie, avoid picking your nose, don't sneeze too hard. 

What to do if you got cut on your body:
Mistakes do happen. In case you get knifed cut you have to calm and follow these stepsYou have to rouse the injured part of the body above the heartOur objective is to:

  • Minimize infection (by using disinfectant)
  • Promote healing
  • Decrease the need for evacuation.
The first thing to do is see the condition of cut.If you found small cut do thisIf there is another person who handling this situation should wear first aid gloves and good eye protectionThe best thing to do is to apply pressure to the wound for about 10-15 minutesAfter this check bleeding statusif not stop again applying pressure for about 10-15 minutes applying. an old saying in surgery is:
"Solution to pollution is dilution"use the cleanest disinfectant liquid or use fresh tap water to wash woundsThe best disinfectant is saline and fresh tap waterKeep up to date your tetanus shots before going to any wild adventure and seek professional medical attention during emergency.

What to do if food gets stuck in your mouth:
Some peoples have habit to eat fast and large pieces.but this method of eating is should eat in small pieces and have to chew approx 20-30 times.some times during eating small piece of food gets stuck in the throat(esophagus) and if this is not very troublesome you have to follow these steps to fix this.generally in our saliva there are digestion enzymes so slaiva can work great in this situation.use bubble gum to generate more slaiva and pass it will make the process faster use plenty of water or use tea to lubricate your esophagus it will help to pass the stuck food.drinking acidic beverages such as coke,alcohol etc should not drink.these things will not help.if the food piece is large,these drinks make your stomach discomfort and as result this lead you to pain.if still no result found initiate the gag reflex.

For this you have to tickle the back end of your mouth where the soft palate ends with your finger. This will Activate the gag reflex and it will reverse the process of normal swallowing and helps to regurgitate food stuck in the esophagus back up towards the mouth  or a sometime piece of soft bread also do the trick. If still the situation is not a good GO TO hospital, they have methods to fix this situation.



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