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Feature (Side) this post I'm going to show you how to protect your headphone wires. It is very worst feeling when headphone wires get damaged. After losing my several headphones I decided to take care of my headphones by making it save by different techniques. The technique which I found most useful is shown given below. I also shared my broke headphones. This is the worst feeling when someone lost his/her headphones. The wires are the main reason of fracture headphones. If you found this tutorial then you don't need to worry bout your headphones from now. This is going to save your life (headphones life :p).if you like this tutorial don't forget to comment and share this we need your one click.please don't be selfish.never use super glue for sticking purpose on wires. Because it makes wires brittle and it will break like weak stick (tack).it will no longer be flexible.  Oh yes! one more solution. You can use surgical tape.  It also helps, but you have to be smart and judge which part of the headphones you need to care and tape it. 

Don't use super glue the reason for this. I explained earlier. I'll prefer surgical tape,


  1. Nice idea, mate! But honestly - looks pretty ghetto-style. Depending on your headphones' price tag,
    it would be like repairing/modding a Porsche with chewing gum and duct tape.... *g*

    Alternative solution; still "ghetto", but fully reversible, in black colour and without the mess of glue or sticky residue of tape:

    Get yourself some shrinking tube from Radio-Shack in the diameter to match your cable loosely,
    take some spring steel spiral (out of an old ball pen,etc.), then slip firstly the spring over the cable end, then slip a measured piece of the shrinking tube over both, shrink it using a heat-gun or a lighter (carefully, no direct flame on that cable, please!) - and:
    "Guten Tag, Herr DIY-Cable-Protector!"
    I am sure there are even more elegant ways to do the job... so post them, if you know of any, guys!

    Greetings from Germany,
    Mister A.

  2. I've just bought the same headphone you show in the picture. With them being cheap and unreliable, i still want to keep them for a long time. So instead of straw, I used pen spring. The spring allow a great deal of flexibility while keeping the cord in shape.

  3. This has to be the most idiotic thing I have read in a while, why buy quality headphones if you plan on ruining them with straws and surgical tape?
    Just don't twist or use sharp bends when storing the cable and you should be fine. Most new headphone models come with detachable cables anyway.

  4. I would like to thank you for the effort you have made in writing this article.

  5. Wow,interesting post with useful things I loved your post about earbuds how to safe them with the help of straws.I saw the images I will make it for myself.Thanks dude for the post I appreciate it.