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Hi! In this post I'm going to discuss very interesting and essential things which we all should know. When there become destruction or bad time we get tensed and lose our temper. At that time we are not able to think something useful that can save us and others. For that time we should prepare our self so that we can face any problem. Top foods that I'm going to mention we should store at the time, which we gonna need them most.

Canned Alaskan Wild Salmon (kind of fish)

Very healthy, rich in protein. It is available in a cane on shops. Some people who live in Alaska and northern Canada used this fish a lot this keeps them healthy and it is well know of low  rate of heart attack and stroke. Like tuna fish you can eat this fish directly from the cane. It can be refrigerated through which you can easily use 3--4 days. If this isn't the option share the cane with two to three people so nothing goes wrong.

Dried Beans

Black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, lima beans and others are rich in calories, proteins and minerals. You should buy packet beans instead of canned beans it take less space, more in an amount in packet as compared to canned beans. Soak beans in water for eating, but make split peas. A kind of state when beans make less soft this most of the vitamins and mineral in original form so you can get proper diet.deans have a long shelf life you can use them for a long time. Buy some packets and store them in the back of your car.

Brown rice

Also high in proteins, mineral and vitamins. If you soak in cold water. Lets them, I water for 1-2 days until they full expand. If you want rapid expansion boil them in water for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Bulk Nuts

Gather bulk of nuts from the store. But one thing keep in water stay away from salt as it is not good for health and it will cause more thirst. So take only those nuts that are unsalted. It contains lots of minerals, essential fatty acids, vitamins and considerate amount of protein. It is easy to handle, you will get considerate amount of energy from 1/4 of the cup. So you can get much serving out of the bag of nuts. As nuts are sensitive they have less life so keep them air tight and keep away from sunlight.

Peanut Butter

As they are packed with proteins it will good for health, except some people. You will get essential fatty acids, mineral (such as copper and iron), vitamins. Just a couple teaspoons of it can make person to survive for a long time. One of the strategy surviving from a disaster is to cut off the calories. Mostly people get calories more than the amount they actually need to survive. It will help your food to last long and your excess weight will be grown down so that you don't need to carry excess weight on your feet.


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