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Feature (Side) this post you will learn how to make USB keyboard light for your laptop USB if you have some laptop cooling pad, then you can easily make one and adjust it on your cooling pad keyboard in this post the cooling pad which is in the pictures is of cardboardlightif you want to make cooling pad from cardboard click this link hit me. Keyboard light is very essential for laptop users at night. Sometimes the situation is like we have to turn lights off for others like I have to turn off when my. Mate sleeps while I'm as I in that situation this light shows me its importance.but one thing is for sure you don't have to use this light while typing cause it'll make your eyes only use it in an emergency situation.

Wire configurations are not shown here. But I gave you simple concept. When you cut the USB wire there will be 4 wires inside it. 2 data wires (white and green) cut them... But don't cut the black and red wire.. Connect the positive terminal of a diode with red wire and negative terminal with black wire. but if you still found trouble in making light don't hesitate to ask.