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Feature (Side)

Hi! I hope you are fine. I’m sure this is the rocking post for those who love songs, like I do. You will learn how to autoplay lyrics along with song by doing nothing just follow one time procedure. For this you don’t have to spend lots of your computer memory. So don’t worry. This is the amazing software, through this one can easily see lyrics.

Benefits of this software:

Can see lyrics, can learn lyrics :P

It will be very helpful for those who listen songs to learn English.

Features of this software:

As far I notice the features you can:

· Fit the position of lyric anywhere on screen.

· Change the text color/fonts of lyrics.

· Don’t need to download the lyrics of songs, but if the song haven’t proper information in it then you have to search lyrics for song. Also this feature is in software you can do it directly from the software.

· You can embed/add lyrics to your mp3 file, so that you can easily play a song with lyrics on your phone.

· Can run on any player. ANY PLAYER. Awesome isn’t it?

· Can change the skin of your player.

· You can also see movies with subtitles, on it.

You have to connect to the internet. Of course this thing is for sure lyrics can't come from the air. They do but not without the internet or Bluetooth connection. Of course about can't :P.

How to install this software:

Simply download minilyric software from here download link.

Install it

Open it and select and install files on your player.

For vlc you have to do some additional steps.

That's it…

For vlc player:
  • Click VLC menu item: 'Tools' > 'Preferences'.
  • In the popup window, show all settings, and open control interface, then check 'MiniLyrics-Auto display lyrics....'.
  • Restart your VLC player, and MiniLyrics will auto start with VLC now.


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