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Feature (Side)

As the word itself suggest. Phone in blocks, yes you guess right. Like Lego blocks. Suppose my screen breaks not mine my mobiles and if my phone's speaker not works well. This will result great problem for me. if my phone is an expensive one. I can only think of to repair it. Because it will cost than mobile itself. What if I change the following block of my phone which is not working well sounds great?? A method for using modular block like components to build a phone to your needs and specifications. Dave hakken brought this idea and struggling for its promotion by gathering allma nufacturers on one desk. We can modify and upgrade our phone as we will find a different block for our phone in the market of our desired specification and model, color too.

if our phone processor is slow and not working great, we upgrade to the extent we desire. Suppose our display is not good and we want better relations with great touch we will also be able to change it. There are many phones ions the market that we can't repair and upgrade. Take the example of HTC one. Though it's a great phone but you can't change its battery when it gets done. The samsung galaxy S4 may have the right component but you don't like the operating system.

With this idea we can select the complexity and sim0pliocity of our phone. It will allow you to choose the hardware type and open source operating system like Android, Firefox OS, Tizen etc.
Apple’s iOS and Windows Phone OS is proprietary and licensing fees would make Phoneblok phones unaffordable.

Beside all these stuff this concept is environmentally friendly. I think it will also be the best friend of your pocket. Because when your old phone gets older and prices as well as useless you have to change the model. You throw it away it will result badness for the environment an your pocket as well. So in this situation you don't need to change or throw away. You simple upgrade to level you I want to be.
The idea definitely alluring ...but see what DaveParrack Gizmag has said(( “Unfortunately, consumer demand.... will not be enough to make .....Phonebloks a reality. . .” Still,))) it might be enough to pique the interests of smaller manufacturers looking for a way to compete with the big guys.



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