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HI! This post will unveil several ways that can spoil you for a short time, maybe for a long time too by snooping your mobile phone. I know some people, their mobile phone hacked and they found spyware on the cell phone designed to watch their every move. You like that? I'm sure not. This is the worst thing ever. People with little knowledge of computer or cell phone are in extreme danger.

The hacker can turn their mobile phone on and off. A hacker took their pictures by turning their mobile camera on and use speaker phone as a bug. I have seen many issues like this its scary!
I once hacked my uncle's mobile phone and saw there sms and call log :P. But it only works if Bluetooth is on.

Mobile carrier networks are properly inserted and aren't likely to be hacked, but they have been cracked. mostly hacker entered into the system through wifi. It is completely vulnerable. As I know there are a few ways a cell phone can be hacked.

GPRS cracks : 
Phones 3G connection sometimes  changed to GPRS (general packet radio service) by default if 3G service is not available. This GPRS connection is hacker created. So be aware of this.
BLUETOOTH recorders:
If you connect/pair your phone with headset, the sound comes through earphones.... Just as does a Bluetooth recorder sold via spy shops. So in this way hackers can get direct access through your phone device.

SPYWARE device in hand:
The tools or softwares, the hacker used can monitor your calls and texts. This illegal work become legal when you allow to do that. You wonder why you would allow to destroy yourself?
Here is the answer, hackers use spyware to monitor your data by installing on your phone. Suppose you like a game and you want to download it, or you saw some hot video so click on that file and your mobile device pop up some message would allow this, you accidentally press yes. That's it, all done it enter in your phone.

SPYWARE remote installs:
Most of the spyware, doesn't require any permission to access to the device.... When a user click an infected link or the device is one unsecured wireless connection.


  • Use cracking encryption>>you shouldn't be worried if you are not a high end executive or a govemrnt agent. If you are they surely provide you advanced encryption in the software a hardware.
  • Bluetooth>> keeps your Bluetooth device off when not in use. Require a password to access your device via Bluetooth.
  • Spyware>> keep your cell phones antivirus installed and updated. And you should know what learn you are going to click. Install a proper spyware in your PC as well. Sees how spyware works and destroy your PC and how to protect your PC from it.
  • Delete your internet history. i recommend disable internet history saving option. Clear your cache. Don't ever save your passwords and usernames in your browser. This can be stay away from you. Your personal bank accounts, etc important information can be easily hacked.


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