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There is a time when motorolla and Ericson is on the top. There sets make their position at wide range. Every second person has motorolla handset. But with time everything changes. motorolla sets  are no longer meets new era needs, so they lost their famousness and no longer be renowned.
On the other hand Ericson company gather itself and combine with SONY , now their products came with Xperia brand. Motorolla things to spread its business by making other products. They divide the industry in two parts. motorolla social and motorolla mobility. One make mobiles and other makes social products.

Once agai9n motorolla forward its step to take its position back. They combine with google. Google now makes the morale x touch screen and make it worth seeing. This will make in America, in which user cutomization option is available. Which means that, you can easily enable/disable different operations. This will be the first phone since google bought motorolla shares, which is manufactured with new technology.

As it is based on Android OS so it will be the crux of it. The reason behind this is that now most of the Android phones face too much difficulty in making profit from it. motorolla will be the one of the phones with label "made in America". thatswhy there is color changing and cutomiztion option. This is one of the worst situation for Samsun which is the biggest android based mobile company. 60% of the Android phones used all over the world are of samsung.

May be the relation between Google and samsung effect. Google definitely wants it exalted. It depends on google know what steps it takes to make it famous. Samsung gets 95% of total profits from android market from first three months of it is difficult for samsung too to abandoned android os.if samsung left android there will huge space between samsung's career.
Till now samsung didn't reveal about its new OS, but but! Samsung announced developers meeting for its OS. Googles never let motorolla destroyed, but google will sure take huge benefit and success from it. Maybe google gonna something amazing, there is the reason behind this for its step.


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