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Wind energy:
Wind energy has been used as a source of energy for centuries. it has powered sailing ships across the oceans. It has been used by windmill to grind grain and pump water. More recently wind power is used to turn turbines. When many wind machines are grounded together on wind farms, they can generate enough power to operate a power plant. In the united states some wind farms generate more than 1300MW of electricity per day. In Europe, many wind farms routinely generate hundred megawatts or more electricity a day.
Geothermal energy:
In some parts of the world, the earth provides us hot water from geysers and hot springs. There is hot mot en part, deep in the earth called magma. Water reaches close to magma change to steam due to the high temperature of magma the energy is called geothermal energy.
Geothermal energy well can be built by drilling deep near hot rocks at places where magma is hot very deep. Water is then pushed down to well. The rocks quickly heat the water and change it into steam. It expands and move up othesurface the steam can be piped directly into houses and offices for heating purposes or it can be used to generate electricity.
Energy from biomass:
Biomass is plant or animal wastes that can be burnt as fuel.other form of biomasss are garbage farm wastes,sugarcane and other plants.these wate are used to run power plants.many industries that used forest products get half of theri electricity by burning bark and other food wood wastes. biomass can serve as another energy source but problemsare there in use.
when anmla dung dead plants and dead animalsdecompose they give off a mixture of methane and carbondioxide. electricity can be generated by burnnig methane.


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