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Hi guys, in this post I'm going to tell you about the principle of floatation. If you already know that that's great. Don't forget to give me feedback about my blog.

What is the principle of floatation?
"A floating object displaces a fluid having weight equal to weight of the object"
An object sinks if its weight is greater than the upthrust acting on it. An object floats if its weight is equal or less than the upthrust. When an object floats in s fluid, the thrust acting on it is equal to its weight of the object, in case of floating object. The object may be partially immersed. The thrust is always equal to the weight of the fluid (displaced by the object). This is the principle of floatation.
Archimedes' principle is applicable on liquids as well as gases. We find numerous application of it in our daily life.

A wooden block floats on water. It is because the weight of an equal volume of water is greater than the weight of the block. According to the principle of floatation , a body floats if it displaces water equal to the weight of the body when it is partially or completely immersed in water.

Ships and boats are designed on the same principle of floatation. They carry passengers and goods over water. It would sink in water if its weight including the weight of its passengers and goods become greater than the upthrust of the water.
A submarine can travel over as well as under water. It also works on the principle of flotation. it floats over water when the weight of water equal to its volume is greater than its weight. Under this condition it is similar to a ship and renmainspartially above water level. It has a system of tables which can be filled with and emitted from sea water. When these tanks are filled with sea water the weight of the submarine increases. As soon a sits weight becomes great thank the upthrust it dives into water and remains under water. To come up to the surface the tanks are emptied from seawater.


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