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whatsapp is growing and increasing its reputation worldwide. it is a cross-platform mobile messaging service that allows you to exchange your ideas, photos, files to anyone you like via sms. we all know that one thing in our life feel amazing the word FREE, when we get anything free we feel amazingly. This service is also free. You can get benefit from that a. It is available for iPhones, blackberries , Android phones, window phones and nokia. anyone can message each other without any discrimination. but one thing you should keep in mind that it requires internet connection data plan that you use for email and web browsing. You can stay updated of its updates and it connects you with your friend freely.
One thing is very interesting it it that it cannot show ads like others is completely ad free and  also you don't have to buy any premium copy of that.
Yes you can use more than one account on your Android device, but if you have double SIM mobile. Just follow these steps.
  • You have to install SwitchMe app.
  • Open the app and create two profiles for running two accounts. These profiles have their own app and data.
  • The first user profile will work as an administrator and contain all the apps, settings and data you are having and running now. This profile also contain first WhatsAPP account.
  • The second user profile is new and it also has its own appeals and settings. It will also contain your second account.
  • Switch to your second account>>>set up your phone for this account.
  • Now install What's app to this account. Now register you what's up to second SIM .


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