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In this post I'm going to tell you about one of the best method and software to protect your PC. You have to install all three softwares .These are light and not take much space on your hard drive. One of the biggest issues for PC is the presence of malware ( what are malware?>>> Malware is the collection of many parts of files that can harm your PC seriously and can disable your whole system in no time.

What they can do:
Like viruses Malware is also chaos. Malware can confuse or disarray your whole network, they can get your personal information data like passwords , your bookmarks, address book credit card information if you have any. With the passage of time they have grown to worse, developing, becoming advance constantly and become hardened to remove from the computer.

What should you do:
i'm going to show you an amazing technique through which you can protect your PC from malware. MALWAREBYTES  is a software through which you can easily protect your PC. One of the most cool antimalware softwares it can detect the malware from your computer in no time and delete from your PC automatically. Unlike other softwares it takes not much time.

Scanning is fast
Can scan all drives at the same time.
Works great with other softwares, you don't have to close other programs.
It shows quarantines as threats, but it can restore at the original place for your convenience.
Avoid the list for both the scanner and protection bore.
extra utilities for the protection of your PC.
Can block malware that is coming from websites and keep your browsing safe and protected.
Show warning on malicious sites.
realtime protection also in it.
Can protect your passwords.
Method of usage:
Just download and install  the software from this link DOWNLOAD crack LINK. DOWNLOAD SETUP
You will see the scan button on the software, simply click that button and it will start scanning your computer.
PC- Requirements:
You must have: 512 MB ram ( greater than 512 recommended )
At least 800mhz CPU or faster
20mb of free hardisk space.
An active internet connection ( not recommended).

It can block known and unknown threats from your removable media.
It is free
Prevents unauthorized person from stealing your data
Compatible with other security softwares
Works great on all windows platforms
Fastest and lightest security software
The best solution to protect your PC offline
You should have installed this software too in order to get my full PC protection.


Helps you to keep your drivers up-to-date. It has great features. You can choose yourself whether to update the driver or not, or one one you want to install.


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