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NASA is currently operating many programs. In which one of them I discussed below. The ACRIMSAT which stands for "active cavity radiometer irradiance monitor". Launch date is December 20, 1999.

The main purpose of this machine is to calculate the total solar irradiance from the sun. Know what is irradiance?
It is the fact of shining brightly. The arcrim3 bunch is flying on a spacecraft called ACRIMSAT. it was launched as a backup payload on a Taurus launch came from will be compare with possible data of global warming, icecap shrinkage data and ozone layer reduction data. It is theorized that 25% of the earth's global warming may ( be solar in origin) for small increases in the sun's total energy output since the last century. Incoming solar radiation and adding measurement of ocean and atmosphere currents and temperature also surface temperature, through these data climatologist will be able to predict more precisely the climate and (global warming) over the next century. Energy forecasting carbon management, public health.
ACRIMSAT mission derives from the fields of (climatology and solar physics). That time is near when solar global oscillation of low amplitude have been detected in the ACRIM I total irradiance data.  pressure mode waves and (gravity mode waves) within a sun also give us insoghts


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