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Do you want to copy text from images. Sometimes its very urgent to copy text from images. I'm going to show you a very amazing technique. Follows these steps.

  1. Download OSR (optical character recognition) software.
  2. Install it on your computer.
This software is 100% accurate. It can also judge handwritten text from images. Any type of format it can give in text to you.
Another technique. If you have Microsoft office.
  1. Open one note
  2. Drag images to one note.
  3. Now right click the image file to copy text from it.
  4. Copy and paste the content where you want to.

  • For the purpose of data entry used in business documents.
  • In checking spelling.
  • Automatic number plate recognition.
  • One can make textual versions of printed documents more quickly.
  • Make electronic images of  printed documents searchable 

Now I'm going to tell you about its working techniques. it includes pre-processes images to improve the chances of successful identification of words or characters.
De- skew>>it aligns the line of text properly if the document was not lined up during scanning, by tilting the document a few degrees clockwise or anti clockwise in order to make perfectly align.

Despeckle>> it is the removal of positive and negative a pot and make the edges clearly and make a word perfect.

Binariztiuon>>this technique is to convert a colorful word into a simple black and white word which is called a binary image. Binary means two, named so because they are two colors. This is necessary for accurate result but sometimes this step is skipped to increase the performance of software.

Line removal>>it cleans up irregular lines and boxes.

Layout analysis>>it identifies the type of layout scan columns , paragraphs, captions and thing like that as distinct blocks.

Line and word detection>> as the name suggest it detect the word and establish a baseline for word, analyze character shapes also separate word if necessary.

Segmentation>>it isolates the character, multiple characters that are connected due to the design of image must be separate in order to identify them, so this guy separates them forcefully :P


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