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Here I mentioned some of the dreadful effects caused by telecom towers situated in areas.
Raman KR, a scientist who did research on this subject.
Two types of effect caused by this. Thermal and non-thermal effects.

Thermal effects:
These effects on those who live nearer to those towers

  • Cause fatigue
  • Cataracts
  • Reduced mental concentrations. This due to the amount of heat generated  by these radiations.
  • Immunity against disease become less

Non thermal:
Theses on those who love little far from the towers

  • Cause ill-effect due to cell membrane permeability.
  • Could cause cancer
  • Cause brain tumor
  • Also be the reason of miscarriage in pregnant women
  • Trouble for  pacemaker or even insomnia

Peoples who are living near towers should test their houses for radiations. And  use anti radiation devices to prevent  diseases.


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