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In this post I'm going to show you techniques through which you can fix your blackberry problems. I searched a lot and see there are many users who have these issues so that i'm going to show you some methods to fix your blackberry problems. It is a great phone but sometimes it irrates a lot and cause many problems and waste time and money too. It also to panic.

Blackberry keeps rebooting: 
  1. It is the most common problem I have faced it too. You should use JL_Cmdr >>> Goto options 4 to comply nuke of your device >>> once the device restarts you would be to go into desktop manager>>>then go Application Loader>>update and reload the firmware. it will take some time by updating your firmware one thing should keep in mind. 
  2. If you face USB connection problem then try this. Open the command prompt>>>move to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader"   and run LOADER.exe/nojvm. 
  3. Connect your rebooting phone to PC and update your firmware. It will show that your phone is not connected but try try and retry it will finally connect with your phone from your mobile got a problem it will may not show the backup option but it will show update option.
  4. If this technique not working then try this one. Connect your device with your PC without a battery inserted>>>> than open desktop manager ( you must have software version 5 or above) >>>you will see the error that it failed to connect and can't be updated>>>> BUT once the device reboots a point will come it will connect, the firmware keep an eye on desktop manager as you need to reinsert the battery it will show the screen of goodness ( it will show that it is waiting for the device to initialize)
Blackberry won't turn on red light flashing:
  1. Remove battery and restart it may fix the problem.
  2. Do the same step as in  above 3 and 4.
Blackberry keeps freezing ( hour clock ):
  1. Remove the battery and the SIM card, memory card too and keep it off for 10 minutes.
  2. If not wiped [me the phone and reinstall the OS.


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