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Significantly measure the blue whale is the largest know animal on earth. Blue whales can measure from 75 feet to 100 feet from the head point to tail. They can weigh  150 tons which is 136 metric tons. You can imagine it as if straight up the wall than it is about the same height as 8--10 story building and as heavy as  112 adult giraffes. Due to hunting their ratio becoming less. Now blue whales found only 75 --- 80 feet long because of the hunting of giant whales. Weight of female whales is greater than male once. The largest blue know is female and its weight is 389.760 pound wheels is equal to 176,792kg. Its head is too big so that an entire professional football team can stand on its tongue easily. Its heat can be equal; to a smart card. Its arteries are big enough so that you can use them for climbing purposes. Young blue whale which has recently come out of mother whale is lying about 25 feet and can weigh more than an elephant.

It is believed that their population is good, they are about 200,000 blue whales but know they extinct and only 10,000 remain on earth which is not good. The worse thing is that their population is not expected to recover.
During the first 7 months of the life of a baby whale, it during approx 100 gallons of its mother's milk per day, which can be compared as, inserting  200 pounds ( 91 kg) of milk every 24 hours.

The blue whale is the only live largest animal on earth. But it looks like it is the largest animal ever live on earth. You can compare the size of the fish in the picture below. They can grow up to 33 meters which is equal to 108 feet and weigh 181 metric tons ( 200 imperial tons).
They not only large in size but their ages are large toooo. They can live up to 90 years and consume 3.6 metric tons of krill each day. Which is too big. It is considered largest by the IUCN.

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