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It is the era of technology. Now a great idea came to complete. According to a Volvo press, the company’s newest concept is auto parking. By keeping all safety precautions in mind a new car has designed which bring this amazing feature.

Parking is not problem at all in small cities with little traffic but it is very irritating in big cities with big traffic. Adjusting chair in a small space is a very vital skill. Now a self parking is introduced which can park itself. You have to do one thing, just press one button and that's all sitting relaxed and see what it is doing. the technology used in it is same as the Collison avoidance system. Automakers are starting to make these types of cars for its extreme demand. Parallel parking is one the most testing part of the driver and it is very feared too. Parking is the thing which everyone has to do at certain points. It gives us a great benefits, one of its benefits is its preventing parking damages like minor scratches, dents. It also saves money and reduce insurance parking damage claims. It is the slave of time too. So you don't have to mess anyone :P

How it works:
The vehicle uses navigation sensors to find direction and empty space for parking. One great feature of that is it controlled with a mobile app. When the driver wants his car back , the process is reversed.



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