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Now it is the era of technology and race, in which you have to run with the world if you not you will fall down. First there were no phones now everyone has a mobile phone. Even small kids now having two in their pockets. Social communication becomes very broad now. You have to communicate with your interlinks. Calling and messaging is now very often now. But it is too expensive in some countries, but we need it.
How you feel if you get something free. I'm going to show you an amazing technique through which you can make free calls from your android and iPhone.

Here's a trick for Android and iPhone users only.

1. First, download CROWD CALL software on your device and install it.
2. Now when you start this software it'll ask you to enter your number n here just
Fill your number.
3. Now enter destination number to which you want to call.
4. Within 5 Sec. You'll get a call on your number to an international number, now just attend the call and press 1, and wait for a few seconds.
5. Now CrowdCall will connect you with your friend.
P.S : you can make 10 calls per day for unlimited time.
Official Website : download link


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