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The Coffee Remedy
Coffee remedy is very beneficial, because it reduces the swelling of blood vessels. It can reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches. It was analyzed and in the result 58 percent people reported complete relief. Another technique, if use caffeine with ibuprofen then it is also very effective and 70 percent people reported of completely remove.

The Hot or Cold Relief
To cure tension headaches which are generally caused by contractions in the head and neck, also caused by stress, anxiety and lack of sleep. If you don't want to use drugs then you cold and hot technique. Dip a cloth in c hot water wring it out and fold it into a compress. Now place this on your forehead, back side of neck to relax tight muscles.
To remove a  vascular headache ( including migraine and cluster headaches and expansion of blood vessels in a particular area. You have to use cold water instead of hot water. It constricts the blood vessels and reduce the blood flow, reduce the blood flow to and producing relief to a hurting heart.

The Massage Remedy
Message remedy is also very effective sometimes.use your middle fingers to massage points of the face opposite your nostrils at the level of the tip of the nose. Do this for 2-3 minutes it will surely bring relief for headache.

The Foot Soak Remedy
Dip your feet in a mixture of hot water and mustard powder for relief of headache. Blood comes to lower body and blood pressure is reduced in the blood vessels of the head. Dip your feet for a half  hour.


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