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Kidneys are very important part of our body. One can survive easily with only one kidney, s on peoples actually born with only one kidney. But when happened when it stop working , our bones muscles and brain cannot carry on.
How do kidney works:
Our kidneys are the most sophisticated waste disposal system. It separated non recyclable waste from recyclable waste 24 hours a day, 7 days a week it also clean our blood. Where too much waste came from?>> It came from the food you eat all day.
Our kidneys are small biological system sensational with a fascinating kidneys are like fibers so that it also takes off your food and eliminate the only waste material from the fluids.our blood comes to kidney in every hour in 12 times. each day about 200 liters of blood filtered by the kidneys and eject 1 to 12 liters of waste from the blood through urine.our kidneys also make three types of hormones named>>> erythropoietin,renin and active vitamin D.
erythropoitein energize the red blood cell in the blood. Rennin controls your blood pressure. So blood pressure patients catch running :) just kidding. And active vitamin D take care of your bones and regulates calcium intake and keep your bones strong.
How kidneys keep you healthy:
Your kidneys work very hard. There are a number of functions your kidneys perform.
They act as fillers for your body to clean waste from your blood. But as I mentioned above it take only those materials which are really not all waste materials.
It controls your blood pressure
Helps you to keep internal water balance
Make red blood cells and help maintain your blood composition and pH levels.
Maintaining strong and healthy bones and keep mineral balance.
Helps in making of red blood cells and keep pH levels and blood composition maintains.
Also maintain healthy bones and help to keep mineral balance.
Your kidneys have amazing chemist functionality. It balances the body. The blood enters the kidneys through the renal arteries where then it is cleaned as it passess via tiny filters which is called neurons. The neurons are the basic working unit of the kidneys. It also controls the function of formation of urine. one kidney almost contain one million of nphrones and each nephrones consists of a filtering apparatus which is called a glomerulus.

10 Common Habits that can spoil your Kidneys
1. Not emptying your bladder early

2. Not drinking enough water

3. Taking too much salt

4. Not treating common infections quickly and properly

5. Eating too much meat

6. Not eating enough

7. Painkiller abuse

8. Missing your drugs

9. Drinking too much alcohol

10. Not resting enough
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